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Save the crew book

Accidental Heroes – The Grassroots Movement That Helped Save the Columbus Crew

By Pete McGinty


Available on Amazon and your favorite book store!


Available on Amazon.

About The Book

 This is a story about 19 extraordinary people who led the grassroots #SaveTheCrew movement

When Columbus Crew owner, Anthony Precourt, announced his intention to move the team to Austin, Texas, it ripped the hearts out of thousands of fervent Crew fans. Instead of playing victim and going into mourning, they went to work and engaged an entire community in the fight to keep the team in Columbus.

This is a story about 19 extraordinary people who led the grassroots #SaveTheCrew movement that pushed back against a millionaire owner and the Major League Soccer commissioner, and inspired Columbus’ private and public sector leaders to consider their legacy as they pondered their role and responsibility in trying to save the Crew.

They didn’t hold important positions, bring money to the table, or swing any boardroom deals. They didn’t have any political capital to leverage. They weren’t connected to any business titans.

What they had was passion, grit, focus, and determination to lead a grassroots phenomenon that mobilized and directed thousands of people from close and far away in their struggle against a force which threatened to destroy their beloved community.

Against all odds, they stayed the course. In the end, they won.

This is their story.

In all of my years covering sports, I’ve never seen a story like the one told in Accidental Heroes. Pete McGinty does a tremendous job weaving together all of the various threads of this account into a narrative that is informative, detailed, and gripping. This book shed new light on a subject I thought I already knew pretty well. A must-read if you are a sports fan.

Jonathan “T-Bone” Smith

Radio personality, 97.1 The Fan

Accidental Heroes is the closest you can get to having been in the room as we fought to save our community. What Pete McGinty produced is, without question, the definitive story of how we, the fans of the Columbus Crew, took on the system, fought the impossible fight, and won.”

Morgan Hughes

Spokesperson for #SaveTheCrew

Accidental Heroes serves as a blueprint, field manual, or playbook for those interested in learning how a grassroots effort can succeed in any city. I am grateful that the accomplishments of #SaveTheCrew and the tireless efforts of so many will be recorded for all time.”

Karen Crognale

Crew fan, advocate, and mother of player, Alex Crognale


Pete McGinty

Welcome to my site. I’m not very good at talking about myself, but here goes. After a multi-decades long career in the fields of advertising, marketing, and branding, I recently fulfilled the life-long dream of publishing my first book, Accidental Heroes. While I’m still very much attached to my career, I’ve realized that with regard to the pursuit of other interests, it’s only too late if I don’t start now. This involves more deeply tapping into my creative instincts – where this will take me, I don’t yet know. But to date, it’s brought me here.


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